Sun Meadow Family Nudist Resort Hotel/Motel/Resorts/RV Parks | Things To Do

30400 S. Sunray Trail
Worley, ID 83876
(208) 686-8686
Fax: 208 686 8687
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Hwy 95 south from CDA. Go 1.5 miles south of Worley and turn left on Conkling Road. Go 3.7 miles to white vinyl fence on left with a gated driveway. Dial 01 on the keypad at the gate for admission.
Day visits 9AM to 9PM 365 days/year. Hotel, cabin, RV or tent overnight accomodations available.

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You're welcome and safe at Sun Meadow Family Nudist Resort. Skinny dip year round in our heated indoor pool or outdoor hot tub. Outdoor pool in the summer. 75 acres of trails. Meals & rooms available.