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Coeur d'Alene, ID
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Mr. Russell Volz · Principal · Phone:(208) 518-9818  · Send an Email

about us

Imagine… a warm, soul satisfyingly smooth cup of coffee. Your mind calms, your breath steadies, you relax, and say, “Ahhhh… that’s good. That’s reeeeal good”. It’s almost like the worries of life recede and your world shrinks to just you and that cup of coffee. And for a few minutes, everything seems to be in place. At Lake City Coffee, we’re creating what may very well be, the best home coffee experience of your life. Notice the picture of the gal in our gallery; she isn’t in a crowded and noisy coffee shop. Like most coffee lovers, she makes her whole bean organic coffee at home. Buuuuttt, that’s not your experience with Spokane Coffee Roasters or Coeur d'Alene Coffee Roasters is it? Can we be honest here? You don’t like burnt and bitter industrial coffee. I don’t like burnt and bitter coffee. And most of the rest of the world doesn’t like burnt and bitter coffee. So, why on earth do Americans drink such nasty coffee? Drinking coffee should be an “ahhhh…” moment. It should and can be a moment that leaves us relaxed and centered. So, how did we start drinking “bad” coffee? Coffee hasn’t always been bitter and burnt. In the old days, coffee was amazing. So, what made coffee in the old days so much better? Well, they started with the best beans, roasted them to a medium brown, and then brewed the coffee within just a few days, thus making a super smooth and naturally sweet coffee experience. And that's what we've reproduced with Lake City Coffee.

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